Client Reviews

“Karolyn did an awesome job editing and proofreading my E-Book The Happiness Routine. She is extremely professional and communicating with her was always a joy. Her feedback about style, consistency and word choice took my book on a whole new level and gave it the right tone. All in all this was a wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to sending her my new book for a complete overhaul.” –Ed Holz, Germany, 2017

“Swiftly and at a very reasonable cost, Karolyn turned my mess into great readability. She is a magician who silences the grammar police and turns criticism into praise. Quick, efficient and a pleasure to work with, Karolyn is most highly recommended by me (pity she can’t clean this up before you read it).” –Michael Smorenburg, South Africa, 2017

“Wow, Karolyn went above and beyond! This is my second time using her services and I could not have been happier!” –Paul Corrado, United States, 2017

“This is simply outstanding work. As an inspirational author, my choice of words, choice of font, the format, all come together to make for an inspirational experience; and that great experience is exactly what my readers will get after this excellent editing. THANK YOU!” –Skip Johnson, United States, 2017

“Great work! Will be back for more! Thank you for your hard work and quick turnaround.” –Paul Corrado, United States, 2017

“Karolyn is very professional and did an amazing job. I can definitely recommend buying her services. Thanks again so much for your help.” –Maria, United Kingdom, 2017

“Worked together many times before and will continue to work together! As always, great quality work and impressive timing.” –Pedro, United States, 2017

“Excellent work! Price-performance not comparable! Thank you so much!” –Marc, Canada, 2017

“Just finished going through your book edits. Amazing job, it looks ten times better.” –Bryan Wheeler, United States, 2017

“The most profound proofreader and editor I have ever tried. Perfect work and fast delivery!” –Patrick Seitz, Spain, 2017

“Incredible editor! I always go to her for my writing revisions. Always delivers on time and the revisions are really high quality. Strongly recommend!” –Pedro, United States, 2017

“Thanks for the great work as usual.” –Moody, Canada, 2017

“Precise, fast and accurate, couldn’t ask for more.”  –Michele, Spain, 2016

“Working with Karolyn was a great experience. She took the time to completely understand the requirements for the project and delivered on time. Very satisfied and will use her again in the future.” –Byron Ford, United States, 2016

“Top Notch as usual! Karolyn is really the best editor I have ever worked with, she is a real person, not a company, you will have a direct and pleasant work relationship with her. Highly recommended.” –Luca, Malaysia, 2016

“Karolyn was outstanding to work with – her skill set was excellent and she always responded quickly. She submitted her work in a timely manner and contributed a great deal to the ArtsAnywhere project. I would highly recommend her for any project.” -Laura Humbert, United States, 2016

“Karolyn is highly professional and I’m really happy to collaborate with her. Every aspect of my text (spelling, grammar, word order and vocabulary) was carefully reviewed and, as the result, I have the perfect English text!” –Mico, United States, 2016

“Thanks for all your hard work and for surpassing my expectations.” –Freddy, United States, 2016

“Very good, fast, responsive and accurate. She puts love in her work, highly recommended.” –Luca, Malaysia, 2016

“Definitely five-star feedback. Quick, professional and pays attention to the details.” –Nimrod, Israel, 2016

“Fantastic work, Exceeded my expectations!” –Stephen Schab, United States, 2016

“Karolyn is really careful about every document I give her. I have cooperated with her for a long time for nearly 30 papers and essays from students and friends.” –Chaon, China, 2016

“Karolyn is very professional. She has a keen eye and the work is on time, or early. I have written a series of books and her assistance has been vital to my work. Karolyn, you always have my support as a client.” –John S., United Kingdom, 2016

“I can always count on her to deliver outstanding work. She actually has raised my expectations on what to expect from proofreaders and editors.” –Nahid, United States, 2016

“Amazing service, and great final product! Karolyn was very easy to work with, and answered all of my questions. I will definitely hire her again in the future.” –Derron, United States, 2016

“Brilliant lady, very reasonable and very helpful. Thank you so much.” –Paul Redmond, Ireland, 2016

“The work was done very professionally! I recommend Karolyn to everyone who needs high quality editing! “ –Andy, United States, 2016

“As an ESL speaker, my written English is, by all means, rather horrible. I knew I needed someone to help me edit and proofread my eBook. Karolyn did the job perfectly! She got the work done before the promised date, and her work was professional and impressive! I will definitely use her again!” –Minna Wong, United States, 2016

“Karolyn worked fast and efficiently, making all the improvements my short story needed, and all in time, respecting the deadline she had proposed and promised. I recommend working with her. I know I’ll use her services again in the future for my next texts!” –Lawrence Herbert, France, 2015

“Great job. After I had trouble with another editor, Karolyn re-did the job for me top notch! Completed as promised! Highly recommended! She will be my regular editor from here on in!” –Robert Fetner, United States, 2015

Clients, please feel free to email me your review or add your review of my services in the comment section below using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or WordPress. Recommendations including details about the type of document along with a few specifics are greatly appreciated.  — Karolyn H

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