World of Writers

Many of my friends and others who know what I do for a living still don’t realize that the majority of my clients are from countries outside my own (US). Some are under the impression that it’s merely a local job. Part of what I love about this profession is that I work with clients from around the world, who have a wide variety of backgrounds.

To continue the theme from my last post, today I’m sharing a list of all the countries that my current and past clients are located in (through 4/11/17).

Total client countries: 23
US clients: 37
Clients outside US: 60
Individual jobs for US clients: 90
Jobs for clients outside US: 174

So, what does this mean? That there’s still a whole world of writers and clients who need me and don’t know it yet!  These figures also include many non-native English-speaking clients in the US who hire me. Be sure to zoom in to see details for each country.

countries chart

What exactly do you do?

When I tell friends and people that I meet that I’m a freelance editor, they often ask me “What is that? What exactly do you do?” So, I thought I’d make a couple charts to show you the types of projects I’ve worked on and services I’ve provided since starting my freelance editing business a couple years ago. And yes, I do love making charts: aren’t they beautiful?

“What exactly do you do?”
“I edit. No, I don’t write essays, or edit videos or design websites.”

services chart

“What do you edit?”
“Anything written in English.”

project chart

“Do you like your job?”
“Yes! I love it.”