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“He turned to his computer and started the CSS, the almost universal Credit Storage System, that allowed transaction procedures from his personal bank account to be forwarded to others. It was the only secure way to store and access a large pool of credits without going to the banker. Legally, that is.”  (B.A. Wheeler, Delta Origins)

My thoughts

I like how science fiction has created cryptocurrencies long before they actually existed. This is a current story of course, about a different world. I think cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, but they are a great alternative to every other online transaction, which is monitored by the government in every conceivable way. People should be able to buy and sell products and services without having to give up their privacy and personal details, or pay a random fee to banks.

There should always be some available method that doesn’t require the government’s approval or censure, in my opinion. Many people use the excuse that monitoring transactions is a way to track criminals. Clearly, I don’t support theft, or physical violence. But it sure seems that this ‘monitoring’ is really just an excuse to track and control law-abiding citizens.

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“All parts of a company make up the brand, not just the logos, fonts, imagery and colors… It is the complete picture that a person holds in their head about the company.”
(Paul Corrado)

My thoughts

I consider my brand to be my reputation and image combined together. A company that demonstrates professionalism, accountability, honesty, and efficiency in their business dealings and customer interactions, is building their brand. When customers see their logo or company name, those are the qualities that will come to mind. A company that exudes fun, excitement, and a healthy perspective will imprint customers’ minds with this impression which they will picture when they hear or see the company name or logo, or interact with company representatives.

This explains why it’s possible for a company to make a great website, and a colorful, creative logo, and yet lose customers and business after a scandal, or bad reviews. And why a small service company can grow into a widely recognized and successful corporation. Because branding involves more than just the logo itself.

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“…academic ability and talent actually have [only] a small bearing on success in life. Instead, I believe that your path in life is opened up through encounters with other people and through [hard] work…” (Yukimasa Ueyama, 2017)

My thoughts

I agree with this sentiment to a large degree. Improving skills and building on talents can certainly improve one’s life and financial situation. But I feel that how a person takes advantage of their opportunities, learns from experiences with others, and puts effort and integrity into everything they do will determine how likely they are to achieve the success they are aiming for. These are goals that I work at continually.

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World of Writers

Many of my friends and others who know what I do for a living still don’t realize that the majority of my clients are from countries outside my own (US). Some are under the impression that it’s merely a local job. Part of what I love about this profession is that I work with clients from around the world, who have a wide variety of backgrounds.

To continue the theme from my last post, today I’m sharing a list of all the countries that my current and past clients are located in (through 4/11/17).

Total client countries: 23
US clients: 37
Clients outside US: 60
Individual jobs for US clients: 90
Jobs for clients outside US: 174

So, what does this mean? That there’s still a whole world of writers and clients who need me and don’t know it yet!  These figures also include many non-native English-speaking clients in the US who hire me. Be sure to zoom in to see details for each country.

countries chart

What exactly do you do?

When I tell friends and people that I meet that I’m a freelance editor, they often ask me “What is that? What exactly do you do?” So, I thought I’d make a couple charts to show you the types of projects I’ve worked on and services I’ve provided since starting my freelance editing business a couple years ago. And yes, I do love making charts: aren’t they beautiful?

“What exactly do you do?”
“I edit. No, I don’t write essays, or edit videos or design websites.”

services chart

“What do you edit?”
“Anything written in English.”

project chart

“Do you like your job?”
“Yes! I love it.”