Project quote

“I am a magnet for happiness and only attract good and beneficial things into my life.” (Ed Holz, The Happiness Routine, 2017)

My thoughts

The quoted statement is one of several affirmations provided in the book. I like this one because I think it’s important to focus on attracting people and attitudes that we want to emulate.  Of course, this doesn’t mean never spending time with or helping people who are in a worse situation than ourselves; definitely not the intention of the suggestion.

But if we frequently spend time with negative people, or people who are chronically unhappy and don’t take steps to improve their lives, then we naturally begin adopting that same attitude and this will impede our own success and happiness. We’ve all heard the saying “misery loves company”.

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Project quote

“Habits rule our lives.” They can either be our enemies or our friends.
(Ed Holz, The Happiness Routine, 2017)

My thoughts

I believe that creating good new habits requires a desire for different results and a conscious effort to take small steps every day that lead to bigger gains along the way. From experience, I’ve found that quitting bad habits is easier, if they’re being replaced by good ones.

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