Polls for Writers – #7

Creating outlines is one way to brainstorm for writing ideas. They are great for planning and organizing main concepts and research results. They can also help you structure your material, whether you’re writing stories, articles, business copy, websites, essays, etc.

What type of outline do you create for your writing projects? While conducting research for this post, I discovered that there are quite a number of different outlining methods and often, more than one name for the same approach. Links to two insightful articles about outlining that I enjoyed are listed below the poll. This poll allows for you to select 1 of the provided choices AND to also select the last one where you can add a short description of YOUR method.

Thank you so much for participating! Click the follow blog button at the bottom of the screen to see all poll results when I post them in a couple of weeks. Remember to read all choices before voting. *Questions about editing are NOT referring to video editing or graphic design.

*Planning To Outline Your Novel? Don’t (NY Book Editors)
*How to Outline Any Piece of Writing (Aliventures)