Autonomous Learning


Project quote

“Autonomous learners are often motivated learners and autonomy often leads to better, more effective work.” (Feng Teng, M., 2017; Learner autonomy: An educational goal of teaching English as a foreign language.)

My thoughts

Individuals learning any topic or skill will always learn faster and work more productively if they are personally interested in what they’re learning and free to study it and learn about it without restrictions or outside influence. This is often difficult to find in standard traditional education systems, in my opinion. Structure is important for many aspects of life. But when it comes to learning, I feel that breaking free from structured instruction is the best motivation to explore and truly examine a subject fully.

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Project quote

“…academic ability and talent actually have [only] a small bearing on success in life. Instead, I believe that your path in life is opened up through encounters with other people and through [hard] work…” (Yukimasa Ueyama, 2017)

My thoughts

I agree with this sentiment to a large degree. Improving skills and building on talents can certainly improve one’s life and financial situation. But I feel that how a person takes advantage of their opportunities, learns from experiences with others, and puts effort and integrity into everything they do will determine how likely they are to achieve the success they are aiming for. These are goals that I work at continually.

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