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“Some people use in-store shopping for entertainment, bonding or reasons other than just getting a specific product. The value this provides to the shopper should not be overlooked and may be harder to reproduce in current online retail experiences.”
(Paul Corrado; eCommerce: Theory, Elements, Experience, Nuance and Change in the Retail Landscape)

My thoughts

Online shopping is great. Buy a new computer in your pajamas. Find the best deal on quality art supplies after quick online comparisons. Order a T-shirt with your favorite show’s main character on it, something impossible to find at local stores. But…. Does anyone remember cruising the mall with your friends, spending an hour or two in Hot Topic or Spencer’s looking at the weird and wacky? What about wandering around Target looking for great Christmas gift and decorating ideas? Shopping at the bookstore so you can drool over all the new books and accessories that you wish you could afford to buy and having a heart to heart with your bestie at the coffee shop over a pastry and beverage. Window shopping that turns into a spree and spa day. Oh, and don’t think I forgot about guys’ favorite addictions: hardware and sporting goods stores, where projects and dreams take shape.

Yes, of course people still do these things. But it sure seems like online shopping has become much more prevalent and more heavily promoted. The internet is fantastic – I sell my own services online! But there is still so much value to be found by shopping in physical stores. Just last week, I popped into a local art gallery and found a variety of beautiful and unique gifts and items that just wouldn’t have had the same impact on me if viewed on a monitor or phone.  I also love the local Farmer’s Market and visit at least a couple times every summer, preferably with friends, when music is playing, and the sun is shining.

Editing projects for week ending September 3, 2017
Non-fiction book, Academic Research Article
Client countries: US, China


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