Work of Art


Project quote:

“Envision it, embody it, plan it, take action, and go for it.” (Abigail C., February 2018; Integrative MindBody)

My thoughts:

Once we dare to imagine our ideal self, then the next step to becoming this person is identifying the actions required to get there. When I say, “ideal self”, I’m referring to the person we truly want to show to the world. Not someone else, not someone else’s life, not someone else’s idea of the perfect person or situation.

Instead: talents we want to explore, fears we wish to banish, places we want to visit or live in, relationships we want to embrace. For me, it helps to think about the end goal as a finished painting – this is what I want people to see when they think of me.

So, what about the stages in between? Working backwards to now, each one can be a painting in its own right. Each transition is an illustration and requires certain brush strokes to achieve it. Building the foundation is just as important and worth celebrating as the final masterpiece.

Let’s take this example even further: what tools do we need to create this painting? Once we decide which brush and which colors to use, then we can pursue each one with purpose, knowing that it’s part of the process.

Editing projects for weeks ending February 4, 2018
Cover letter and academic proposal, Multiple Academic Research Articles, Mindbody Coaching Website, E-Card website, Real Estate Article
Client countries: US, China, Canada




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