English Invasion


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“The greater portion of the globe has become dependent on English for international exchanges and practical matters including business and other involvement in world activities.”  (Feng Teng, M., 2017; NMET Policy in Mainland China.)

My thoughts

I was actually surprised to learn of the prevalence of English in international business when editing the quoted article. This prevalence would not exist in local business, of course, outside English speaking countries.

I’m always amazed when people claim that immigrants shouldn’t be required to learn English when they come to the United States. If English is so necessary for international business, why on earth should anyone expect to be able to live in the US and not know the dominant language? If I ever move outside of the US, I would certainly make an effort to learn the native language of the country I’m moving to, both before and after I move. Heck, I’d probably be required to in order to become a resident. I love language, and I love diversity of culture and language. But I don’t feel that it’s reasonable for anyone to expect to move somewhere and not attempt to conform to the local society, laws and language.

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“The Bridge Between believes that sales are built upon good relationships and business partnerships.”  (Nick Brandy, The Bridge Between)

My thoughts

This statement can apply to any type of sales in any field. First time sales may be achieved through any number of means: promotions, referrals, convenience, etc. But continued sales will almost always only happen if a good relationship has been built between buyer and seller. Even when negotiating for the first sale, in many circumstances, the rapport that is established, reputation that has already been built, and the initial dialogue will either entice the potential buyer to complete the purchase or move on to someone else’s offer.

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