Project quote

“While working with people on their career choices, I see many who are moving at warp speed, yet remain uncertain as to whether they are moving in the right direction.”
(Tom Henricksen, 2017)

My thoughts

One thing I have really come to appreciate, in my quest for a successful, fulfilling career, and a healthy body, is that having the right goal(s) to shoot for makes all the difference. In my younger years, I really didn’t have any goals. It was just not on my radar, for whatever reason. I had plenty of dreams!  But dreams alone just come and go if you don’t visualize them on a daily basis. If you don’t work towards them every chance you get. Over time, and due to a few sobering experiences, it started dawning on me that I needed to figure out what I wanted out of life. What did I want to accomplish?

Since then, I’ve started down a few roads career-wise, with a vague idea of what my talents were and what I thought I could do with them. But none of them truly excited me, or led me to fulfillment. Once I started focusing on specific skills that I’d mastered, and learning about my strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication and my optimal working conditions, a picture finally began to form. A picture of what I actually wanted. A goal that I was excited to work towards.

For a while, I was disappointed in myself for having wasted time on goals that didn’t fit my personality, or my potential.  Resilience and determination are both so important, though. Once I stopped dwelling on past mistakes, and focused my energy and efforts on a solid target, my progress grew steadily. We all have the power to focus our thinking on what’s important to us, and ignore the negative and doubting thoughts bombarding us from all sides.

Editing projects for week ending May 7, 2017

College research paper
Fiction book
University research paper
Non-fiction book

Client countries: UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, US


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