Project quote

“All parts of a company make up the brand, not just the logos, fonts, imagery and colors… It is the complete picture that a person holds in their head about the company.”
(Paul Corrado)

My thoughts

I consider my brand to be my reputation and image combined together. A company that demonstrates professionalism, accountability, honesty, and efficiency in their business dealings and customer interactions, is building their brand. When customers see their logo or company name, those are the qualities that will come to mind. A company that exudes fun, excitement, and a healthy perspective will imprint customers’ minds with this impression which they will picture when they hear or see the company name or logo, or interact with company representatives.

This explains why it’s possible for a company to make a great website, and a colorful, creative logo, and yet lose customers and business after a scandal, or bad reviews. And why a small service company can grow into a widely recognized and successful corporation. Because branding involves more than just the logo itself.

Editing projects for week ending May 28, 2017
Non-fiction book, Fiction book (critique)
Client countries: US


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