Project quote

“He turned to his computer and started the CSS, the almost universal Credit Storage System, that allowed transaction procedures from his personal bank account to be forwarded to others. It was the only secure way to store and access a large pool of credits without going to the banker. Legally, that is.”  (B.A. Wheeler, Delta Origins)

My thoughts

I like how science fiction has created cryptocurrencies long before they actually existed. This is a current story of course, about a different world. I think cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, but they are a great alternative to every other online transaction, which is monitored by the government in every conceivable way. People should be able to buy and sell products and services without having to give up their privacy and personal details, or pay a random fee to banks.

There should always be some available method that doesn’t require the government’s approval or censure, in my opinion. Many people use the excuse that monitoring transactions is a way to track criminals. Clearly, I don’t support theft, or physical violence. But it sure seems that this ‘monitoring’ is really just an excuse to track and control law-abiding citizens.

Editing projects for week ending June 25, 2017
Fiction book
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