Project quote

“Microscopic free-floating machines, catalysts, proteins. I’m no chemist, but that’s what they do. They get into the bloodstream. They’re organic, self-replicating; they build new bots from the organic materials inside us. They’re communicating via Wi-Fi, via your cell phone, your computer.”  (Michael Smorenburg, LifeGames)

My thoughts

The quoted section is of course talking about nanobots. I really have no idea how far the nanobot technology has come. But I’ve likely been influenced by the many sci-fi books I’ve read that included nanobots that were used for nefarious purposes, or got out of control and wreaked havoc. I can see the potential benefits in the medical field, to repair and heal without surgery or medications; even in the construction and manufacturing fields. But I can only imagine the restrictions that would have to be put into place to prevent horrible accidents and destruction. I don’t think it’s worth the risk, honestly.  I don’t know if they can really be programmed to be foolproof, or to not be hijacked by criminals or law enforcement gone wrong.

Editing projects for week ending July 9, 2017
Science-Fiction book
Client countries: South Africa


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