Project quote

“In an era of rapidly changing economic, sociocultural and political contexts around the world, learning a language entails complex and often contradictory relationships that challenge conventional practices and beliefs.” (Feng Teng, M., 2017; Identities, imagined communities … in learning Chinese as a third language during study abroad.)

My thoughts

From Spanish and German language courses, along with some personal study of Arabic, I’ve learned that mastering a foreign language involves more than simple memorization and substituting one word for another. It also requires education about culture related to the language speakers, and the history behind the origins of common words and phrases. I would love to get the opportunity to practice Spanish in Spain, and learn a couple other European languages in their native countries. I’ve always heard that being immersed in the language and culture on a daily basis is a much faster way to gain a real understanding and mastery of a foreign language. My future plans involve testing this theory.

Editing projects for week ending September 24, 2017
Academic Research Article
Client countries: China


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