Project quote

“With that warm body to his chest, Chikunda’s laughter turned to tears and then to sobs once more. Sobs at having something living that cared about him, something that, through its desperate whimpers and excited relief evidently needed care.” (Michael Smorenburg, 2017; The Reckoning)

My thoughts

This paragraph is about a dog, Jack, one of the secondary characters in the story. I love stories that incorporate a pet or animal companion as a substantial character. Books written directly from an animal’s perspective are few in number and are always enjoyable to read, as well. However, animals as main or secondary characters are especially appreciated by me, personally. They highlight how much color pets and other animals add to our lives and how each has their own distinct personality and worth.

Editing projects for weeks ending October 22, 2017
Fiction Book Critique, Academic Research Article, College Application Personal Statement, Fiction book
Client countries: US, China, South Africa



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