Elevated expectations


Project quote

“Characteristics of lecturers include enthusiasm, interaction, research experience, clarity, inspiration, and credibility.” (Feng Teng, M., 2017; Identity development of university English “old lecturers” in mainland China.)

My thoughts

When I hear the term ‘lecturer’, I picture a university lecture hall, with rows of seats wrapping around in a half-circle, rising from ground level up to the top tier, amphitheater style, and the lecturer’s podium below in the center. The lecturer paces back and forth across his or her space, occasionally writing on a whiteboard at the front, or randomly choosing a victim in the student audience to answer a question. I’ve only physically been in one of these types of rooms once, at a local university, where I met with a few members of a political interest group for a video presentation. But this is the image I hold in my head, probably acquired from various movies and television.

None of the classes at the college I attended were held in this type of a room. But the one lecturer who stands out in my mind as portraying all of the characteristics listed above was my Philosophy instructor. I enrolled in four of his courses and loved them all, most especially Intro to Logic. All of the philosophy courses were enjoyable and thought provoking. But Intro to Logic combined philosophy and math and gave me a headache after each class. That’s how I knew I was actually learning something and forcing my mind to think critically. He had elevated expectations for our essays and asked challenging questions in class. He encouraged voicing unpopular opinions and interpretations which led to very engaging class discussions.

Please share below about any lectures or courses that you’ve attended that stood out as particulary memorable.

Editing projects for week ending October 29, 2017
Excel spreadsheet, Cover letter, Academic Research Article, College application statement
Client countries: US, China



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