Poetry Challenge: First 3 of 20

After writing about different types of poems in my last post, I decided to challenge myself and write a new poem for each of the twenty types. Well, with the exception of an epic. I do not have the patience or desire to write a poem as long as a novel. 😄 I’ll leave that up to Homer and John Milton. For my twentieth poem, I’ll find another type that wasn’t included in my list. Most of my poems will have titles, but not all.

Three poems for today!

Y oga classes
O utrageous sports bloopers
U seful how-to videos
T op ten country music playlists
U ltimate funny cats compilations
B uilding survival shelters
E asy hairstyles

Yarn over, pull through
Single, double, count stitches
Turn work and repeat.

Ode to Hot Cocoa

As water warms then boils
A mug is placed in anticipation.

Sugar, cocoa, nutmeg, and ginger
Are gathered in preparation.

Morning ritual or evening indulgence
this satisfying beverage soothes the mind,
makes cold hands happy and tastes delightful.

Circles swirl as I stir the decadent substance.
Sipping slowly, time and worries are redefined.
Savor, savor every wondrous mouthful.

(acrostic, haiku, ode)

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