Shifting – Poetry Challenge 4

Free verse is what I typically write, so the challenge this time was the topic. I’ve been formulating a particular conclusion about life for months and felt that now would be a great time to write about it for the poetry challenge.


Every day we move things
From here to there
Carry eggs from the fridge to the skillet
Pour coffee from the pot to a mug
Nudge cat from doorway to porch
Bring letters from mailbox to desk
Gather flowers from garden to vase
Steer truck from driveway to parking lot
Lift bread from shelf to shopping cart
Deliver money from wallet to cashier
Push bicycle from lawn to garage
Withdraw keys from pocket to wall hook
Relocate Legos from stairs to toybox
Remove plates from table to sink
Serve popcorn from microwave to bowl
Pull game from closet to carpet
Transfer towel from floor to hamper
Retire book from pillow to nightstand
Shift thoughts from wakefulness to slumber.

(free verse)

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