The Great Escape – Poetry Challenge 6

This poem is about one of my favorite activities. It’s expressed in the “concrete poetry” style.

In case you don’t feel like standing on your head to read all of the text in the image, I’ve also included the poem in standard (boring?) paragraph form below the image as well as a link to the full-size image since it looks strange on WordPress when viewed on a small screen.

If you succeed in creating your own concrete poem, please please share a link to it in the comments below. I’m amazed at some of the examples I’ve found online. So inspiring!

mountain camping scene shaped with words

Go here to view full-size image

The Great Escape

Check my list and gather supplies: 
flashlights, batteries, bug spray, 
camp stove, dishes, lighters, 
cooler full of ice and food.

Pack and repack the back of the car.
Gas up and check the oil and tires. 
Long drive to the mountains
up winding roads along the water.
Stop on the way to buy firewood.

Pick out a campsite surrounded by trees.
Walk back to the entrance to pay the fee. 
Lay out some tarps and put up the tent. 
Toss in pillows and sleeping bags.

Lock up the car and find a trail to explore. 
Enjoy nature but look out for bears. 
Head back to camp when your stomach rumbles. 
Light the tiki torches and get out the stove. 

Loaded hot dogs with chips and root beer.
Stack some kindling in the pit and start a fire.
Toss on a few logs and stoke it well. 
Pull up some chairs and prepare the s’mores. 
Roast marshmallows until they’re hot and gooey. 

Sit around the campfire and gaze at the stars.
Listen to the silence and enjoy the fresh air. 
Break out the flashlights for a trip to the facilities.
Once the fire dies, hunker down in the tent. 
Play cards and tell stories  until your eyelids feel heavy. 

Wake up early, pull on a thick sweater to fend off the chill.
Light the stove and make some camp coffee.
Fry bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes.
Take a pail to collect water from the well for washing dishes.

Walk down to the creek, 
dip your toes in the freezing water.
Skip rocks and climb over fallen trees.
Build a fort and collect pinecones. 
Wander back to camp to start the fire. 

Busy lives are temporarily forgotten, 
as the world slows down...
and spirits are renewed once again.

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