Music – Poetry Challenge 8

This poem is a palindrome: a poem that reads the same forward or backward with a word in the center as the reversal point. Quite the mind twister to write this one!


Notes in harmony creating songs.
Tempos, fast and slow,
playing instruments with whispering strings
and drumbeats marching in concert.
Symphony of sounds evokes mood.
Music mood evokes sounds of symphony concert 
in marching drumbeats and strings, 
whispering with instruments, 
playing slow and fast tempos.
Songs creating harmony in notes.

Image created by MidJourney AI program; then I inverted colors in

One thought on “Music – Poetry Challenge 8

  1. MindCracker

    Congrats! In addition to the valuable content, this is also a grammatical and logical challenge in my opinion. At least I didn’t succeed beyond a certain length 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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