Missing Out – Poetry Challenge 12

My latest writing for the poetry challenge is a list poem.

Missing Out

Plush first-class seats that we didn’t sink into and the departing whistle we didn’t hear as the morning train pulled out of the station

Beef Wellington that we didn’t eat at our favorite fine-dining restaurant to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary

Luxurious spa treatment and heated pool we didn’t experience at the resort we’d reserved a suite in for the weekend

Third-row seats we didn’t sit in or dance in front of at our favorite old-school band’s reunion concert

Mojitos we didn’t drink during a three-hour harbor tour on a chartered yacht

Picturesque view we didn't see overlooking a stunning waterfall halfway through a guided nature walk.

Peaceful sleep that was disrupted when the phone on our nightstand rang at 2:30 a.m.

Everything we missed could never replace the anxious thirty-minute drive in the middle of the foggy night, the two hours of pacing outside the delivery room, and joyously welcoming our first grandchild into the world.

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