History – Poetry Challenge 13

Lyric poetry is expressive, songlike poetry that is centered on emotions and focused on the poet’s state of mind and personal themes rather than narrative arc. I wrote this poem to be a song with three verses, and a short chorus (the four-line stanza at the end) that would be repeated after each verse. Let me know in the comments if you think you know what I’m writing about.


Every now and then, I miss the connection,
the excitement of romance, the anticipation.
Sometimes I wonder if there’s still a chance
To meet someone new and join in the dance.
But I don’t miss the ups and downs, the waiting, 
hurt feelings, or endless misunderstanding.

Every now and then, I long for a companion
To freely share attention and inspiration
And for the comfort of a faithful partner
to experience life and love with, together.
But more than that, I value peace and stability
and focused thoughts sheltered in tranquility.

Every now and then, a song brings to mind 
Memories of moments with a love left behind.
I can remember the tears and heartaches,
From broken dreams and foolish mistakes.
But I’m forever grateful for lessons I’ve learned
From the joys, the pain, and the scars well earned.

No longer repeating the past,
searching for one to complete me.
The starring role has been cast,
Time to write my own history.

Text Copyright © 2023 Karolyn Herrera

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