Manuscript Checklist

Would you feel comfortable submitting your manuscript today?

Is your book ready for self-publishing and how do you know?

If you’ve finished or almost finished writing your rough draft and are excited to self-publish it, your answers to these questions are crucial. Many publishing guides discuss numerous steps in the process of achieving successful and lucrative publication, such as building a fanbase, creating a website, marketing and promotion, publishing platforms, finding a literary agent, etc.

My expertise solely focuses on how to prepare the actual manuscript for self-publication.

Below is a checklist for eight key elements of a publication-ready book. Sometime within the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing my newest book which will explore each element one at a time and also identify characteristics of manuscripts that are not ready to publish yet. Once it’s available, I’ll add the link here and on my website.

My goal as an editor is to help you create and publish the best version of your book possible!

Key elements of a publication-ready book

  1. Well-developed characters and plot (fiction)
  2. Clear and consistent ideas (nonfiction)
  3. Descriptive and engaging writing
  4. Relevant front and back matter
  5. Thoroughly edited content
  6. Accurately credited, licensed, or cited images and quotes
  7. Proper formatting for eBook and paperback publication
  8. Error-free cover text and effective book blurb

Text Copyright © 2023 Karolyn Herrera

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