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“We call this phenomenon “demarketing” in marketing management, when the negative effects of a product are so emphasized that people lose sight of the good effects.” (Toni Pinedo-Jeffress, Medicinal Cannabis Saved My Life, 2019)

My thoughts:

While looking for additional examples of products that have been ‘demarketed’, I realized that this type of marketing could be applied to various things besides products as well.

Boundaries, marriage, government, religion, failure…
for example:

Medical Cannabis 
Negative: Affects short-term memory, Impairs cognitive abilities, Damages lungs if smoked, Illegal under federal law
Positive: Effective against seizures and nausea,  Relieves certain chronic pains, Safer than opioids, Available as edibles and topicals (smoking NOT required)

Negative: Lost money or time, Embarrassment, ridicule, Incomplete task or goal, Physical harm
Positive: Teaches what doesn’t work, Builds resistance and persistence, Builds muscle memory and skill, Refines goal or required actions

Can you think of any other product or concept that is commonly ‘demarketed’ in society today? Let me know in the comments!

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“The Bridge Between believes that sales are built upon good relationships and business partnerships.”  (Nick Brandy, The Bridge Between)

My thoughts

This statement can apply to any type of sales in any field. First time sales may be achieved through any number of means: promotions, referrals, convenience, etc. But continued sales will almost always only happen if a good relationship has been built between buyer and seller. Even when negotiating for the first sale, in many circumstances, the rapport that is established, reputation that has already been built, and the initial dialogue will either entice the potential buyer to complete the purchase or move on to someone else’s offer.

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