Today’s late-night post is my first in a series I’m calling “Wednesday’s Wafers.” I’ll be sharing a weekly burst of recent writing.

I’m publishing this quite a bit later in the day than I’d intended as I struggled with finishing the poem, but I wanted this series to definitely start on a Wednesday. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it

Destination by Karolyn H


Ride a bus into the past, watching moments flicker by.

Question the path taken, things could be different…

Parallel scenarios beckon,

Old wounds, opened.

Reach your hand up to pull the cord.

The bus slows down and you stand.

Blinking, the memories become sharper through the glass.

Hesitation, then conviction.

“Sorry driver, I was mistaken.”

The engine revs as the bus picks up speed.

Continue along the route, turn a corner.

Former life fades into obscurity.

Destination ahead.

No regrets.


*Thanks are due to my son, Jordan, for providing the perfect word when I was brainstorming for a series title.

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